More Canadian Visas Planned Over Next 3 Years

Canada will approve close to one million immigrant applications over a three year period. The Liberal government calls this “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”

Top Jobs in Canada for 2017

Each year, Canadian Business publishes a list of the best jobs in Canada. This data is gathered from information available through Statistics Canada and Employment & Social Development Canada.

The Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program

The Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program is a unique Canadian immigration program designed for skilled foreign workers who want to live and work in the French speaking province of Quebec. Candaian Visa Expert provides services related to this program and helps a lot of French speakers and skilled worker to fill our their visa application.

Get Sponsored by Your Family!

Did you know that as a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you can bring the members of your family with you to Canada to work and live? By sponsoring your family members, they may eventually become Canadian citizens as well.