Fogo Island – Canada’s Hidden Irish Treasure!

Canadian Visa Expert: Fogo Island

The predominantly Irish settlement on Fogo Island is a treasure not many have found. The Irish came to the area in the early-to-mid-1700s to take advantage of the fishing and decided to stay. The isolation of the far distant village has kept the resident’s accents pure and preserved. When visiting their homeland, they often are […]

Move to Victoria: The World’s #5 Best Small City!

Canadian Visa Expert: Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia, is one of the top “small cities” in the world A UK-based magazine that explores worldwide urban culture examined cities with less than 250,000 people to compile their Small Cities Index. The cities in the report are described as cities that are well-connected and offer excellent business opportunities, access to nature, and […]

Immigrate to Canada Where the People Are Friendly!

Canadian Visa Expert: Friendly

Gary Bath, a Canadian ranger who helps members of the military learn how to survive the Arctic, was at his home and saw an online post about a stranded American family in his area. After talking with his wife, he decided to step in and help. The Marchessault family made their way from Georgia to […]

Suburban Lifestyle Attractive to Canadian Millennials

Canadian Visa Expert: Suburban Lifestyle

After becoming parents, Jasper Davis and his wife decided big city life with long commutes was not for them They began looking for jobs close to their home. Davis took a job at a business incubator for innovation and technology firms located in downtown Oshawa. He loves the sense of community in his town, where […]

Canada Is the World’s Top Preference for Relocation

Canadian Visa Expert: Relocation to Canada

A world map reveals where each region’s population dreams of beginning a new life The map uses Google search data to add country names to each spot people would consider moving to. Thirty countries’ residents chose Canada as their top choice for relocation. Britain, Mexico, and France were three of the countries that would like […]

Top Canadian Universities for 2021

Canadian Visa Expert: Students

For 30 years, Maclean’s has ranked Canada’s top universities to provide valuable information to help students choose the best university for them The various universities are placed in one of three categories to differentiate the types of learning institutions, diversity of subjects offered, levels of research funding, and graduate and professional programs. Primarily Undergraduate universities […]

Study Says Immigration to Canada Important for Economy

Canadian Visa Expert: Immigration

A study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focused on a likely decline in the world population as fertility rates decline Although the numbers are good news for climate change, shrinking populations can wreak havoc on global economies. The study reported Canada’s population peaking in 2078 with 45.2 million people and falling to […]

Diversity Highlighted in Canadian Museum

Canadian Visa Expert: Diversity

As the world is talking about inequality, race, and injustice, the Canadian government is doing something about it Premier John Horgan of British Columbia announced the government has set aside $10 million to invest into a new Chinese Canadian Museum. The premier said they have been working with the community and realize how important this […]

Canada Is Still Granting Citizenship to Immigrants During COVID-19

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Citizenship

Canada understands how important immigration is for the country It boosts the population and fuels the country’s economy. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing gatherings to come to a halt, Canada Day continued in a new way this year. For Chris Kidd, who has been patiently waiting for seven years to receive his Canadian citizenship, […]

Canadians Celebrate Country’s Birthday in Ottawa

Canadian Visa Expert: Ottawa

Due to the recent pandemic, Parliament Hill was not the site of a party on this 153rd Canada Day Instead, residents in Ottawa showed Canadian pride while at their city parks, beaches, and neighborhoods. Immigrant Adegoke Sofumade and his family relocated to Canada from Nigeria seven years ago. He said the pandemic has caused him […]