How Many People in Vancouver Speak Chinese?

Canadian Visa Expert: Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful, diverse and famous cities in all of Canada. There are also some facts about Vancouver that are not well known. For example, about 17% of the city’s population speaks Chinese, and 43% of the population are of Asian heritage – making it the most Asian city outside of […]

Vancouver Is the Best Place to Live in North America!

A 2016 report by Mercer, an international human resources firm, shows that five cities in Canada are named among the top 50 for quality of life. The report ranks Vancouver as #5 in the world and #1 in all of North America. Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration service that helps people with the immigration […]

British Columbia Wants You!

Located on the southwest coast of Canada is the beautiful province of British Columbia (BC). It is no wonder that this is an envied destination for foreign nationals who receive their Permanent Resident Visas for Canada.