Vancouver Is the Best Place to Live in North America!

A 2016 report by Mercer, an international human resources firm, shows that five cities in Canada are named among the top 50 for quality of life. The report ranks Vancouver as #5 in the world and #1 in all of North America. Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration service that helps people with the immigration process to Canada.

The report went on to report that Toronto is #15 on Earth as a top city for quality of life. Ottawa was #17, Montreal was #23, and Calgary was ranked #32 out of 230 global cities.

The researchers at Mercer have evaluated cities for the past eighteen years on “quality of life” factors that include schools and education, economic environment, public services and transportation, natural environment, political and social environment, sociocultural environment, consumer goods, medical and health considerations, recreation, and housing.

Over the last few years, Mercer has reported that many cities in Canada, including Vancouver, have ranked among the ideal places to live on Earth.

The Mercer report stated that North America has a high quality of life, and cities in Canada dominate the top of that list. Also, the survey noted that cities in Canada rank high for personal safety, placing Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver in the 16th place.

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