Canada Ranked Top Expat Worker Destination


When people from 190 countries were asked what country they would be willing to relocate to for a job, Canada was the top choice. The response to the global pandemic by the Canadian government helped edge the country past the US on the report. Australia, ranked very closely behind the US, also did a better […]

Immigrants Living in Canada Launch Startup During Pandemic

Canadian Visa Expert - Startup

A perfect storm created the ideal situation for two Canadian women who lost their jobs during the global pandemic last March Maria Avilan worked in supply chain logistics, and Carla Calderon worked in sales. Now, the two are business partners. Losing their jobs pushed them to take a leap of faith and start their company, […]

Canadian Immigration Support Grows Stronger During Pandemic

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Immigration

Canadians are becoming more accepting and open to refugees and immigrants, even with the uncertain times caused by the pandemic Over the past year, their views toward immigration have become more favorable than in the last forty years, according to a survey from the University of Ottawa. The poll showed 66 percent of Canadians reject […]

Canadian Man Was Self-Isolating in Forest Before Pandemic

Canadian Visa Expert: Canada Forest

Before the COVID-19 pandemic was even thought of, Adam Shoalts was self-isolating in Norfolk County, Ontario, where over 25 percent of the land is covered in trees When asked for tips about self-isolation, Shoalts laughed. He admitted he doesn’t overthink or reflect on being alone. He takes each day as it comes and focuses on […]