Canadian Visa Expert: Canada Forest

Canadian Man Was Self-Isolating in Forest Before Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic was even thought of, Adam Shoalts was self-isolating in Norfolk County, Ontario, where over 25 percent of the land is covered in trees

When asked for tips about self-isolation, Shoalts laughed. He admitted he doesn’t overthink or reflect on being alone. He takes each day as it comes and focuses on tasks at hand. During one expedition, Shoalts found himself trapped on a peninsula. At that point, he began to feel anxious thinking about the many scenarios that could happen. He decided to devise a plan and immediately started feeling better. “You must give yourself something to focus on” Shoalts said.

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Although we may not feel the same issues as looming winter or no supply of food, there are pressing concerns. Instead of dwelling on them, find something practical to fill your time. Shoalts suggests, “Think of knots: get some string or rope and make yourself a master of knots. Or learn how to make a fire without matches. Or work on your bird calls.” He acknowledges that not everyone will have the same lockdown experience, but one thing everyone can do is get outside in nature. If you live in a metro region, find a park, take a walk, and enjoy the outdoors.

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