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Immigrants Living in Canada Launch Startup During Pandemic

A perfect storm created the ideal situation for two Canadian women who lost their jobs during the global pandemic last March

Maria Avilan worked in supply chain logistics, and Carla Calderon worked in sales. Now, the two are business partners. Losing their jobs pushed them to take a leap of faith and start their company, Arepa Ink. The take-out and pick-up food company specializes in arepas, Venezuela’s take on the bagel. Avilan said the two had always wanted to try something like this, but their comfort zones stopped progress. 

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Avilan and Calderon are thrilled to be sharing their culture with London, Ontario, through their new arepas take-out. They are hoping arepas become the new shawarma or the new taco. It is a good and healthy option for people. The two are operating the business with their own money due to the difficulty in getting a loan during the pandemic. They did benefit from beginning during the pandemic and not trying to adapt to the crisis. For now, the duo operates out of a community kitchen they have rented for two days a week. 

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