5 Benefits of Toronto, Canada

Anyone who has visited Toronto can attest that it is a great city and there is a lot to love about it. What exactly makes up the charm of Toronto? We can think of a few things. But in the end, it is the people, nature and values ​​of the city that make it so […]

Family Says Immigration to Canada Worth the Struggle

Canadian Visa Expert: Life in Canada

Three years, $27,000 and some difficulties were worth it for Varun Muriyanat and his family to call Canada their new home Relocating from southern India in 2018, Muriyanant, his wife, and three children relocated to Scarborough. After a year of living in the country, he found a job at CIBC as an IT consultant, his […]

Canada Attracts More High-Tech Workers from the USA

High-tech workers in the United States are considering another location other than the Silicon Valley for work: Canada. MaRS, a Canadian tech innovator hub, released a new study revealing that Toronto tech companies saw large growth of U.S. applicants in 2017.

More Canadian Visas Planned Over Next 3 Years

Canada will approve close to one million immigrant applications over a three year period. The Liberal government calls this “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”

New Canadian Immigration Program for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

The government is joining with the four Atlantic Canadian premiers to begin an Atlantic growth strategy. The goal is to stimulate economic development and begin an increase in job opportunities in the provinces of P.E.I., New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. The central idea of the plan is an immigration program phased over […]

Skilled Foreign Workers Needed to Fill Jobs in Atlantic Provinces of Canada

Atlantic Canada is experiencing a challenge filling job openings due to the aging population. Alaina Lockhart, Fundy Royal MP, has put a motion to the House of Commons hoping to create ideas on the challenge. She is hoping to push Parliament to find solutions by boosting immigration and drawing people to the area.  According to […]

Canadians Becoming Millionaires on the Rise

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a report showing that in the past year substantially more Canadian households have become millionaires. In 2016, there were 485,000 millionaires, up from 385,000 in 2015. These 2016 statistics represent 3.5 percent of all homes in Canada and 32.5 percent of the nation’s combined wealth.

What is the Permanent Resident Card?

As a new Canadian permanent resident, you will receive a Permanent Resident Card as part of the immigration process, which you will need to carry with you as an official form of identification that is also proof of legal permanent resident status in Canada. The Permanent Resident Card may also be required if you travel […]

Top Jobs in Canada for 2017

Each year, Canadian Business publishes a list of the best jobs in Canada. This data is gathered from information available through Statistics Canada and Employment & Social Development Canada.

How long does the Canadian immigration process take?

According to Canadian Visa Expert, The amount of time needed for the Canadian immigration process will depend on various factors, such as the criteria for a particular immigration program, how long it takes you to do certain things, the time required for the Canadian government to process your application, etc.