Canadian Visa Expert: Life in Canada

Family Says Immigration to Canada Worth the Struggle

Three years, $27,000 and some difficulties were worth it for Varun Muriyanat and his family to call Canada their new home

Relocating from southern India in 2018, Muriyanant, his wife, and three children relocated to Scarborough. After a year of living in the country, he found a job at CIBC as an IT consultant, his wife is close to completing her degree to become a paralegal, they purchased a new vehicle, and are moving into a new home. When asked about relocating to Canada, Muriyanat said they had to “jump through a lot of hoops” and wait with uncertainty at times.

The Muriyanat family had a difficult time adjusting to Canada’s winter, after a lifetime of living where temperatures rarely dipped below 23C. They went through many gloves, jackets, and boots to figure out the best clothing for the climate. Mary, his wife, struggled to learn the natives’ accent and went through “culture shock” with no support from friends and family to help. But in the end, there were no complaints from the family. They expected hardships and are excited about their future in their newfound country.

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