Amazing Rise in People from India Immigrating to Canada

CanadianVisaExpert: Indians

The number of Indians receiving permanent residence in Canada has increased by over fifty percent since 2016 The Trump administration’s restrictive immigration policies, and the difficulty of receiving Green Cards in the US, have pushed expat workers from India north to Canada. The trends indicate that Indian engineers and scientists see Canada as a fascinating […]

Economy Adds 89,900 New Full-Time Jobs in Canada

New full-time jobs in Canada saw an increase of close to 90,000 positions and 78,600 employee jobs in the private industry. The unemployment rate decreased to 5.6 percent, an all-time low. The survey by Statistics Canada showed a total of 94,100 net jobs for the greatest monthly rise since 2012 when there was an increase […]

Immigration to Canada Gives Country’s Population Big Boost

British Columbia has for the first time surpassed their five million mark in population. International immigration is the cause of the spike in the population, as in every province that saw an increase. In October 2018, the population was around 37 million, an increase of 184,000 in three months. The gain was the most significant […]

More Canadian Visas Planned Over Next 3 Years

Canada will approve close to one million immigrant applications over a three year period. The Liberal government calls this “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”

New Canadian Immigration Program for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

The government is joining with the four Atlantic Canadian premiers to begin an Atlantic growth strategy. The goal is to stimulate economic development and begin an increase in job opportunities in the provinces of P.E.I., New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. The central idea of the plan is an immigration program phased over […]

Canadians Becoming Millionaires on the Rise

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a report showing that in the past year substantially more Canadian households have become millionaires. In 2016, there were 485,000 millionaires, up from 385,000 in 2015. These 2016 statistics represent 3.5 percent of all homes in Canada and 32.5 percent of the nation’s combined wealth.

Quebec Employment at Highest Level Since 1976

According to Statistics Canada’s latest report, the unemployment rate in Quebec dropped by 1.2% in July 2017 to 5.8%, which is the lowest since 1976. In addition (also in July), Montreal’s jobless rate reached its lowest in over a decade. According to Stefane Marion, chief economist at the National Bank, “That compares to 44,000 in […]

Top Jobs in Canada for 2017

Each year, Canadian Business publishes a list of the best jobs in Canada. This data is gathered from information available through Statistics Canada and Employment & Social Development Canada.