Immigration to Canada Gives Country’s Population Big Boost

British Columbia has for the first time surpassed their five million mark in population. International immigration is the cause of the spike in the population, as in every province that saw an increase. In October 2018, the population was around 37 million, an increase of 184,000 in three months. The gain was the most significant since 1971.

“I did not find this statistic to be surprising at all,” said a Canadian Visa Expert representative. Canada has a great healthcare system, many job opportunities and is welcoming to immigrants. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on how to apply for the required visa to relocate to Canada.

Statistics Canada said there were high immigration levels, a substantial number of non-permanent residents with work and study permits, and a spike in refugee claimants. The Canadian Visa Expert employee reported over 450,000 international students are residing in Canada. She said it is common for these students to join the B.C. hospitality and sales sector and receive sponsorship from their employers.

By this path, it provides an opportunity for them to apply for permanent residency in Canada. With a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, an immigrant can work and study in Canada long-term, and they are granted with special rights and privileges. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for more information about the visa that is right for you and your family. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping everyone obtain the required visa to live and work in Canada.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, the Canadian population is aging, and there is not a balanced pyramid of ages in Canada, which is confirmed by Statistics Canada. Allowing immigrants in the country is one way to compensate for the decline in population. International immigrants with their small families have boosted Canada’s population since fertility rates are not very high among residents. Most recently, refugees have helped reverse population decline.

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