New Canadian Immigration Program for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

The government is joining with the four Atlantic Canadian premiers to begin an Atlantic growth strategy. The goal is to stimulate economic development and begin an increase in job opportunities in the provinces of P.E.I., New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. The central idea of the plan is an immigration program phased over three years, to bring new immigrants to the region.

The immigration, along with trade and investment, innovation, and infrastructure will be the focus of the program. They also agreed to switch to a low-carbon economy. With immigration being at the forefront of the strategy, contacting Canadian Visa Expert would be a way to start the move to Canada. The jobs and opportunities are abundant in the Atlantic region.

The pilot program being instituted is geared to match the needs of local employers with skilled immigrants. Expediting the credentialing of immigrants will be a top priority. John McCallum, Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said he had heard the message of Atlantic Canada “loud and clear.” He understands the desire to bring more immigrants to their regions.

The plan is to allow up to 2,000 newcomers and their families, and that number could rise in the coming years depending on the performance of the project. The immigration component will be largely decided by the provincial governments and their needs. Canadian Visa Expert is a team of experts who will help you through the entire immigration process. Join the thousands of skilled immigrants deciding to move to Canada.