Canada day Info- By the Numbers!


On July 1, we celebrated Canada Day. Canada Day is Canada’s Independence Day,  On July 1, 1867, Canada became a state with the unification of the four founding provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Canadian Independence Day was initially called Dominion Day, but was later renamed Canada Day as part of Canada’s gradual […]

Economy Adds 89,900 New Full-Time Jobs in Canada

New full-time jobs in Canada saw an increase of close to 90,000 positions and 78,600 employee jobs in the private industry. The unemployment rate decreased to 5.6 percent, an all-time low. The survey by Statistics Canada showed a total of 94,100 net jobs for the greatest monthly rise since 2012 when there was an increase […]

Clean Power Partnerships to Generate 1,000 Canadian Jobs

Alberta First Nations and private companies have five new green energy collaborations which will create 1,000 Canadian jobs and produce renewable electricity to be able to power close to 300,000 homes. These partnerships are the newest phase of the renewable energy program by the provincial government. Chief Roy Fox of Kainai First Nation said, “We’re […]

Canadian Firms Report Record Skilled Labor Shortage

Canadian small businesses are experiencing challenges when needing to expand, due to the shortage of workers. A survey released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) showed 47 percent of respondents said the shortage of skilled workers is limiting their growth. Last year at this time the rate stood at only 38 percent. The […]

Immigration to Canada Gives Country’s Population Big Boost

British Columbia has for the first time surpassed their five million mark in population. International immigration is the cause of the spike in the population, as in every province that saw an increase. In October 2018, the population was around 37 million, an increase of 184,000 in three months. The gain was the most significant […]

Innovation Hub to Produce 800 Technology Jobs in Canada

An innovation hub is being created in Toronto by Accenture Place, bringing 800 new Canadian jobs to the area. The employees will be helping clients work on technologies from blockchain to artificial intelligence. The new hub has been devised for clients to work with the company to co-innovate new products, Accenture said. It will be […]