Canadians Became Significantly Wealthier During 2020

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Optimism is high about a sharp economic recovery in Canada once the global pandemic is over According to the Economic Club of Canada, an unprecedented increase in household wealth last year is a key catalyst for significant growth in 2021. Large income support payments, stock market gains, and an upsurge in home prices helped Canadians […]

Canada’s Economy is Recuperating Post Coronavirus Lockdowns

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The lockdowns that occurred during March and April in Canada, due to the coronavirus, caused a major rise in unemployment and hurt the economy. But now, the Canadian economy is Recuperating, and the future seems bright. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help applying for the required visa to live and work in Canada. Their team […]

Canada Is Still Granting Citizenship to Immigrants During COVID-19

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Canada understands how important immigration is for the country It boosts the population and fuels the country’s economy. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing gatherings to come to a halt, Canada Day continued in a new way this year. For Chris Kidd, who has been patiently waiting for seven years to receive his Canadian citizenship, […]

Canadian Man Was Self-Isolating in Forest Before Pandemic

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic was even thought of, Adam Shoalts was self-isolating in Norfolk County, Ontario, where over 25 percent of the land is covered in trees When asked for tips about self-isolation, Shoalts laughed. He admitted he doesn’t overthink or reflect on being alone. He takes each day as it comes and focuses on […]