Quality of Life

Workers Seek Jobs in Canada with Better Quality of Life

According to a survey by Robert Half, 50% of respondents indicated they plan to look for a new job in the next six months. This polling revealed that workers most likely to make a career move are tech workers, Gen Z, millennials, and working parents. 

Employees who have been with a company for two to four years are also likely to change jobs in Canada. 

The survey added that almost three in 10 professionals would consider quitting their job. Their main aim will be to secure a full-time contracting job in Canada.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, diverse reasons are responsible for the quest for new jobs in Canada. The top reasons are the need for a higher salary, improved perks and benefits. Other factors include better advancement opportunities and higher flexibility in choosing when and where to work in Canada.

Major Factors that Disinterest Potential Candidates

Some factors “turn off” potential candidates when applying for positions. The senior managing director of Robert Half for Canada and South America, David King, made this statement.

According to him, these factors include poor communication with the hiring manager and unclear job responsibilities. Another that causes disinterest in potential employees is misalignment with the company culture and values.

Canadian Visa Expert reported that for employers to attract and retain valued talent, they need to put some things in place. They should prioritize employee well-being, engagement and recognition.

More Canadian Workers Are Looking for New Jobs

Even amid layoffs and hiring slowdowns, Canadian workers have confidence in the job market. As a result, many employees are looking for new jobs that are fulfilling and with higher salaries and improved benefits.