Canadian Economy Grows Six Months in a Row

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Economy

Canadian retail sales are continuing to rise and be more robust than expected during the global pandemic The country has seen six consecutive increases since the record drop in April 2020. According to Statistics Canada, motor vehicle and parts dealers are leading the growth, with sales at new car dealerships up by 0.8 percent. The […]

Fogo Island – Canada’s Hidden Irish Treasure!

Canadian Visa Expert: Fogo Island

The predominantly Irish settlement on Fogo Island is a treasure not many have found. The Irish came to the area in the early-to-mid-1700s to take advantage of the fishing and decided to stay. The isolation of the far distant village has kept the resident’s accents pure and preserved. When visiting their homeland, they often are […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Home in Canada?

Canadian Visa Expert: Buy a House

House prices in Canada vary a lot depending on the location of the property, and many people are wondering: “How much money do I need to buy a home in Canada?”. A new infographic made by RentSeeker and Blue Chip Mortgage, shows the costs and how much income you need to actually purchase a home […]

How Many People in Vancouver Speak Chinese?

Canadian Visa Expert: Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful, diverse and famous cities in all of Canada. There are also some facts about Vancouver that are not well known. For example, about 17% of the city’s population speaks Chinese, and 43% of the population are of Asian heritage – making it the most Asian city outside of […]

Infographic: Know Toronto Facts

Canadian Visa Expert: Toronto Facts

Toronto is an amazing city and one of Canada’s main metropolitan areas. There is a lot to learn abouth the city, so we would like to share with you this infographic, made by Education First, that presents some of the most interesting facts about the city. For example: did you know that more than half […]

What Happened to Population Growth in Canada’s Urban Centres in 2020?

Canadian Visa Expert: Population Growth

During the year 2020, the population growth in Canada’s urban centers has slowed down. This is mostly because of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on immigration. There has also been a record number of people who have moved from urban centers, such as Toronto and Montreal, to surrounding areas of the metropolitans. Statistcs […]

Move to Victoria: The World’s #5 Best Small City!

Canadian Visa Expert: Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia, is one of the top “small cities” in the world A UK-based magazine that explores worldwide urban culture examined cities with less than 250,000 people to compile their Small Cities Index. The cities in the report are described as cities that are well-connected and offer excellent business opportunities, access to nature, and […]

Immigrate to Canada Where the People Are Friendly!

Canadian Visa Expert: Friendly

Gary Bath, a Canadian ranger who helps members of the military learn how to survive the Arctic, was at his home and saw an online post about a stranded American family in his area. After talking with his wife, he decided to step in and help. The Marchessault family made their way from Georgia to […]

Canadians Donated $17 Billion in 2020 to Charities

Canadian Visa Expert: Charity

The money Canadians donate to charities is allowed to be claimed for a tax credit for the year With claims of some charities not using the donated money as advertised, people are looking for the best charities in which to invest. A non-profit business, Charity Intelligence, rates charities to help people decide where to give […]

Employment in Canada is in Abundance

Canadian Visa Expert: Jobs

When you are issued a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, you will have a legal right to live, work and study long-term in Canada. Among some of the most important decisions you will need to make as a new Canadian permanent resident include where to live and work in Canada. Luckely, there is plenty of opertunity […]