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Thousands of Canadian Jobs Available in British Columbia

The minister of jobs, economic recovery, and innovation in Canada discussed with business owners and heard the same message of an impending skills gap. The Canadian minister of advanced education and skills training agreed and said the country needs to focus on the gap. 

There are almost 150,000 people in Canada who can work but are choosing not to right now. The number includes parents of young children struggling to find childcare, along with those who chose to retire early during the global crisis. Premier John Horgan plans to offer an economic plan to include a commitment to invest in people through training, skills development, education, and housing and childcare. 

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Health care, education, and social assistance are some of the industries predicted to generate many of the largest Canadian employment opportunities. Science and technology are also in high demand, along with skilled trades such as cooks, construction workers, hairstylists, and mechanics. The government is considering fast-tracking skills recognition credentials for immigrants to help fill the open jobs in Canada.

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