5 Benefits of Toronto, Canada

Anyone who has visited Toronto can attest that it is a great city and there is a lot to love about it. What exactly makes up the charm of Toronto? We can think of a few things. But in the end, it is the people, nature and values ​​of the city that make it so […]

Move to Victoria: The World’s #5 Best Small City!

Canadian Visa Expert: Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia, is one of the top “small cities” in the world A UK-based magazine that explores worldwide urban culture examined cities with less than 250,000 people to compile their Small Cities Index. The cities in the report are described as cities that are well-connected and offer excellent business opportunities, access to nature, and […]

Canada’s GDP Predicted to Increase by 6.7% in 2021

Canadian Visa Expert: GDP

The Conference Board of Canada is predicting that if the country can avoid a second shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy could grow by an incredible 6.7 percent in 2021 and by a robust 4.8 percent in 2022.  Canada’s national unemployment rate should peak in the second quarter at 13.7 percent, the highest […]

Immigrant Paid to Learn French Working at Quebec Ski Resort

Canadian Visa Expert - Ski Resort

Karen Rojas relocated from Venezuela to the Eastern Townships eight months ago. She had no job leads, and she didn’t speak English or French. She now has a job and is learning both languages at the Mont Sutton ski hill. Rojas participated in the “Earn While You Learn” program, along with 15 others. Mont Sutton […]

Immigrant from Venezuela Gets Paid to Work and Learn French

Canadian Visa Expert - Venezuela

Mont Sutton had 85 open job positions when the human resources coordinator, Veronique Dumont, started working at the ski resort She said, “Recruitment here, like everywhere else, is very difficult.” Dumont came up with an idea and partnered with the Eastern Townships School Board and CEDEC, an employability organization. They began the Earn While You […]

Economy Adds 89,900 New Full-Time Jobs in Canada

New full-time jobs in Canada saw an increase of close to 90,000 positions and 78,600 employee jobs in the private industry. The unemployment rate decreased to 5.6 percent, an all-time low. The survey by Statistics Canada showed a total of 94,100 net jobs for the greatest monthly rise since 2012 when there was an increase […]