Canadian Immigration Support Grows Stronger During Pandemic

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Immigration

Canadians are becoming more accepting and open to refugees and immigrants, even with the uncertain times caused by the pandemic Over the past year, their views toward immigration have become more favorable than in the last forty years, according to a survey from the University of Ottawa. The poll showed 66 percent of Canadians reject […]

Canadian Immigration Target Set at 401,000 for 2021

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Immigration

The Canadian government has set a target of allowing 401,000 immigrants in the country in 2021 The plan is to compensate for the significant decline in numbers during 2020 due to the global pandemic. Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said the government is committed to allowing a large number of immigrants in the country to […]

Study Says Immigration to Canada Important for Economy

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A study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focused on a likely decline in the world population as fertility rates decline Although the numbers are good news for climate change, shrinking populations can wreak havoc on global economies. The study reported Canada’s population peaking in 2078 with 45.2 million people and falling to […]