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Filipino Foreign Workers Find Canadian Jobs in Manitoba Town

Russell, Manitoba, is located two hours from Brandon, and rural tourism is a part of the strategy to diversify the city’s economy. In 1971, the 30-room roadside motel, the Russell Inn, opened to service travelers, truckers, businessmen, and the growing tourist community. The Inn has grown into a 126-room hotel and conference center, with a restaurant, gas station, bar, ski hill resort, a Subway and Tim Hortons. Beginning as the manager of the hotel in 1982, Daymon Guillas used to see many applications from locals. But the region’s aging population and young people leaving for larger cities brought a labor shortage that continued to grow until the owners sold him the property in 2008. Guillas considered shutting down the business due to the stress of trying to find staff. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert and start the application process. Their team of authorized immigration consultants they work with can show you the various visa options and let you know which one fits your situation the best.

A typical view in Manitoba, Canada.

Guillas began to look at the Canadian temporary foreign worker program and brought his first employee from the Philippines in 2009. Today, his business is comprised of 338 employees, and about 25 percent of them are Filipino. They work the front desk, in housekeeping, as servers, maintenance, and kitchen and counter help. Guillas said they have become the employment center for many local businesses, although that wasn’t the plan. They work for him to begin, then leave for better paying jobs. He is ok with that, knowing it is the process. If you are looking for a job opportunity and are willing to relocate, contact Canadian Visa Expert today!