Canadian Provinces and Territories Seek Skilled Foreign Workers

A government immigration program that allows provinces hand-select immigrants to meet the local job needs has been a huge success. The popular program has enticed newcomers to cities other than Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. The PNP, Provincial Nominee Program, has admitted 76 percent of immigrants between 2010-2015 and were designated for areas outside of the three provinces. If you are contemplating moving to Canada for work, contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with the process. Their skilled team will assist you in applying for the visa needed to reside in the nation. Over a fourth of the economic immigrants to Canada come through this program, an increase of 15 percent from a decade ago. The rest of the newcomers come through different federal programs. The Immigration Department of Canada said, “There is a continued need for the PNP. The program spreads the benefits of immigration beyond major cities and helps fill local employment gaps.”

PNP has become an important factor in attracting new skilled immigrants to the Prairie and Atlantic provinces over the years due to the last processing promised by Ottawa, unlike various other immigration programs. It focuses on in-demand skills instead of the usual language requirements and university education. The program favors migrant workers and students from abroad already established in those provinces. PNP calculates for 59% of total immigration in Nova Scotia, 72 percent in Newfoundland and Labrador, 86 percent in New Brunswick, 89 percent in both Yukon and Saskatchewan, 93 percent in Manitoba, and 96 percent in PEI. Most provinces retain between 80-95% of the selected immigrants. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for all immigration questions.