These Towns and Cities Have Canadian Charm

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Canadian towns and cities are some of the best places to live in the world. According to Canadian Visa Expert, most cities in Canada are perfect for Hallmark-type movies.  Canada is filled with so much beauty coupled with endless adorable and culturally-rich towns and cities across all the country’s provinces. Below, is a list of […]

Canada Opens Its Doors to New Permanent Residents

Canada Opens Its Doors to New Permanent Residents

The Canadian government has opened its doors to new permanent residents. According to Canadian Visa Expert, the federal government of Canada has revealed its targets for immigration from 2024 through 2026. The number of new permanent residents is scheduled to increase to 485,000 and 500,000 in 2024 and 2025, respectively. These targets ensure adequate numbers […]

Watch: Why Should you Emigrate to Alberta, Canada?

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Alberta is one of the provinces of Canada, and its capital city is Edmonton. The largest city in Alberta in Calgary. Alberta shares its borders with the United States, Saskatchewan Province, the Northwest Territories, and British Columbia. Lovely landscapes, a strong economy, and nice residents are just some of the reasons so many people choose […]

Canadian Economy Soars Beyond Pre-Pandemic Numbers

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With an additional 157,000 new jobs added to the Canadian economy in September 2021, Statistics Canada reported that employment numbers are enough to be above where they were before the global pandemic began. The massive Canadian job surge far exceeded the 60,000 new positions economists predicted. Moreover, the increase helped the unemployment rate drop to […]

Highly Educated Immigrants Find Opportunities Working in Canada

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Canada is the top choice in a recent survey of over 200,000 people in 190 countries around the world. One immigrant from Calcutta, India, was searching for an English-speaking country, that had a warm attitude toward immigrants, and was a tolerant society with excellent schools. Ronnie Banerjee chose Canada over the US and Britain to […]

Canada Likely to Reach Goal of 401,000 New Permanent Residents

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According to Marco Mendicino, the Canadian immigration minister, Canada is close to meeting the goal of allowing 401,000 new permanent residents this year after having a record number in June and July 2021. June had 35,700 new permanent residents and July reached 39,500 newcomers to the country. These were both monthly records and brings the […]

Watch: Why Immigrate to New Brunswick?

Beautiful views, friendly population, high quality of life and lots of employment options – what more could you ask for? Life in New Brunswick is an amazing experience, which is why so many immigrants choose to move there. Watch the following video for more details: If you, too, are dreaming of migrating New Brunswick […]

Filipino Foreign Workers Find Canadian Jobs in Manitoba Town

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Russell, Manitoba, is located two hours from Brandon, and rural tourism is a part of the strategy to diversify the city’s economy. In 1971, the 30-room roadside motel, the Russell Inn, opened to service travelers, truckers, businessmen, and the growing tourist community. The Inn has grown into a 126-room hotel and conference center, with a […]

How often do Adult Canadians Visit their Parents? Read Now!

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(Disclaimer: The data presented in this article should not make you feel guilty. We only posted it in order to present the Canadian way of life. If you still feel guilty, you may want to travel to visit your parents). Canadians are a family people. How do we know that? Because even though the distances […]

Did You Know That Canadians Have Been Drinking More Beer in the Past Year?

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Canadians love to celebrate. The Canada statistics website site published surprising statistics on the  Canadian drinking habits. Maybe this is the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, but the average Canadian drank an average of 9.5 drinks a week in 2020! Another surprising statistic from the article is that the average alcohol consumption in Canada has […]