5 Benefits of Toronto, Canada

Anyone who has visited Toronto can attest that it is a great city and there is a lot to love about it. What exactly makes up the charm of Toronto? We can think of a few things. But in the end, it is the people, nature and values ​​of the city that make it so […]

Canadian Immigration Target Set at 401,000 for 2021

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Immigration

The Canadian government has set a target of allowing 401,000 immigrants in the country in 2021 The plan is to compensate for the significant decline in numbers during 2020 due to the global pandemic. Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said the government is committed to allowing a large number of immigrants in the country to […]

Canada Is Still Granting Citizenship to Immigrants During COVID-19

Canadian Visa Expert: Canadian Citizenship

Canada understands how important immigration is for the country It boosts the population and fuels the country’s economy. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic causing gatherings to come to a halt, Canada Day continued in a new way this year. For Chris Kidd, who has been patiently waiting for seven years to receive his Canadian citizenship, […]

Digital Comic Creation Tool Lets Student Tell Canadian Immigration Stories

Canadian Visa Expert: Comic

A student named Adya, age nine, is one of the Jackman Avenue Junior Public School third graders who participated in a project about immigration to Canada She interviewed her aunt, who is actually a close family friend, about how Canadian immigration came together for her. Adya did not consider the project “work,” but thought it […]

Family Says Immigration to Canada Worth the Struggle

Canadian Visa Expert: Life in Canada

Three years, $27,000 and some difficulties were worth it for Varun Muriyanat and his family to call Canada their new home Relocating from southern India in 2018, Muriyanant, his wife, and three children relocated to Scarborough. After a year of living in the country, he found a job at CIBC as an IT consultant, his […]

Hockey Fans Cheer Immigrants at Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Canadian Visa Expert - Hockey

A citizenship ceremony at the Canadian Tire Centre welcomed 74 members to the Canadian family Members of 20 families took the oath of citizenship, the last legal requirement before becoming a Canadian citizen with the rights and responsibilities it entails. The Senators CEO said being host to the ceremony combined two Canadian traditions, hockey and […]

Immigrant from Venezuela Gets Paid to Work and Learn French

Canadian Visa Expert - Venezuela

Mont Sutton had 85 open job positions when the human resources coordinator, Veronique Dumont, started working at the ski resort She said, “Recruitment here, like everywhere else, is very difficult.” Dumont came up with an idea and partnered with the Eastern Townships School Board and CEDEC, an employability organization. They began the Earn While You […]

Montreal Is Named #1 Place for Expats to Live in Canada

According to a recent survey, Montreal has been called the fifth-best city around the globe for expats. According to InterNations, the city outranked other Canadian cities in several factors: it is the best Canadian city in the cost of living, finance, housing, and urban work life.  Montreal ranked fifth in the world in the housing […]

Survey Says Most Canadians Support Immigration to Canada

The Environics Institute poll asked Canadians to give the most critical issue facing their country. While 24 percent said climate change and the environment, 22 percent said the economy and only two percent responded it was immigration. The majority of the country supports the number of newcomers arriving in Canada and the benefits migrants bring […]

Economy Adds 89,900 New Full-Time Jobs in Canada

New full-time jobs in Canada saw an increase of close to 90,000 positions and 78,600 employee jobs in the private industry. The unemployment rate decreased to 5.6 percent, an all-time low. The survey by Statistics Canada showed a total of 94,100 net jobs for the greatest monthly rise since 2012 when there was an increase […]