Syrian Refugees Receive Help from Canadian Woman

Shahnaz Hamo, Rezan Iso, and young son, Ali, came to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, in the fall of 2016. A part of a Kurdish minority, Hamo’s parents, brothers and sisters, nephews, and in-laws have been living in Istanbul, Turkey, since fleeing Damascus in 2012. Hamo says they cannot stay in Turkey due to the instability of the government. If you are considering relocating to Canada for a better life for you and your family, contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with the process. They have a team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have.

Nova Scotia resident MJ Sakurai belongs to the South Shore Refugee Family Reunification group which is trying to assist the family in reuniting. Sakurai took a detour from her May vacation in Greece to visit the Hamos in person and attempt to speed up the long-drawn-out refugee sponsorship process. Two translators joined her, and they filled out application forms for about 12 hours. During the time together, she saw they were hard-working, have skills, and are willing to learn. She noted they would be a true asset to Canada. The sponsorship application was approved by the government a month ago, but that is only one step in the process. Sakurai said being allowed to visit with the family has given new meaning to the reunification group’s efforts. Last fall, Hamo’s husband Iso opened a storefront, Syrian Tailor of Mahone Bay. He hopes to see the business grow once his brothers-in-law arrive to help. With the help of Sakurai, they hope it will be soon.

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