Survey Says Most Canadians Support Immigration to Canada

The Environics Institute poll asked Canadians to give the most critical issue facing their country

While 24 percent said climate change and the environment, 22 percent said the economy and only two percent responded it was immigration. The majority of the country supports the number of newcomers arriving in Canada and the benefits migrants bring to the economy. 

The recent spike in migrants at the Canada-U.S. border, the growth of a People’s Party who are opposed to multiculturalism, and the increasing antipathy toward immigration around the globe have not influenced Canadians’ opinions about immigration.

Keith Neuman of the Environics Institute said data is showing the trend that most Canadian citizens welcome newcomers and refugees has remained stable, and even improving over the past two years. 

Close to 80 percent of NDP supporters say they are happy with the number of immigrants in the country, while only 45 percent of Conservatives are happy with the number.

Of NDP Supporters are Happy With the Number of Immigrants
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