Canadian Visa Expert: Suburban Lifestyle

Suburban Lifestyle Attractive to Canadian Millennials

After becoming parents, Jasper Davis and his wife decided big city life with long commutes was not for them

They began looking for jobs close to their home. Davis took a job at a business incubator for innovation and technology firms located in downtown Oshawa. He loves the sense of community in his town, where he has a ten-minute walk to work. Someone living in Oshawa and driving into Toronto to work spends around 690 hours a year commuting, which is equivalent to three working months.

Canadian realtors have seen an increasing interest in rural or suburban communities outside of the larger cities, due in part to the ‘affordability crisis’ in urban areas. The pandemic fueled the move to rural areas even more, where people feel safer.

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Canadian Visa Expert - Suburbs

The areas outside of Toronto have not only affordable housing, but also have competitive work opportunities. Three of the top spots in a list of Ten Cities for Job Searches Outside of Toronto were Belleville, London, and Oshawa. The manager of economic and strategic initiatives, Karen Poste, said, experience shows some of the motivating factors for working in smaller cities are safety, more affordability, and more lifestyle and family amenities. 

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