Small Towns in Ontario Seek Foreign Workers

Several small towns in northern Ontario are experiencing a labor shortage and are in need of skilled labor. Sault College, according to Emily Lauzon, an employability adviser, is going to be targeting the college’s international student recruitment to help generate graduates that can go directly to the region and fill the labor shortages the area is experiencing. The shortage in employees makes it a great time to consider relocating for a Canadian job opportunity.

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Students are graduating from northern Ontario universities and colleges with skills in engineering, computer science, aircraft maintenance, and aerospace manufacturing and part of Lauzon’s job is to interest employers needing workers in that pool of candidates. The Thunder Bay Community Matchmaker program is a partnership between La Société Economique de I’Ontario, North Superior Workforce Planning Board, the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, and Northern Policy Institute. The program is in place to help address labor shortages in northern Canada by connecting current international students and potential immigrants with job opportunities.

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