Skilled Foreign Workers Needed to Fill Jobs in Atlantic Provinces of Canada

Atlantic Canada is experiencing a challenge filling job openings due to the aging population. Alaina Lockhart, Fundy Royal MP, has put a motion to the House of Commons hoping to create ideas on the challenge. She is hoping to push Parliament to find solutions by boosting immigration and drawing people to the area.  According to Lockhart, the population is aging by the day, and more are dying than being born.

Statistics Canada shows New Brunswick set a record for the number of deaths and the fewest number of births in a three-month span. With the desire to bring newcomers to the area, now is an excellent time to submit your resume to Canadian Visa Experts. They will match you with an employer that has the best job position for you.

Lockhart worked in human resource management, and this allowed her to see the population problem closely. Through this position, she saw the difficulty in filling jobs in the region. Putting this motion into action is her idea of bringing a solution to the problem. Lockhart believes the gaps in the workforce can be filled through immigration.

She said there had been over 1,000 jobs left unfilled for over a year. She desires the House of Commons committee to figure out why people move to the area and leave after a short time. With the many job openings available, now is a great time to contact Canadian Visa Experts.