Prince Edward Island Immigrants Become Canadian Citizens 

Close to 200 immigrants from 32 countries around the globe became Canadian citizens in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They all had one thing in common; a desire to make Canada their new home. Fatima-Zahra Zouhairi was being sworn in as a citizen, and her Grade 3 class from Ecole Francois Buote came to watch. Zouhairi said, “This year we do citizenship in the social studies, so I just thought it’s the best way to introduce them to being a Canadian citizen.” If you are interested in becoming a Canadian citizen, contact Canadian Visa Expert. The team of immigration professionals will walk you through the visa application process.

Coming to Canada from The Philippines, Teresa Canada and her ten-year-old son received applause as their last name was read. Her son said it was such a coincidence having the same name as their new country. She said this has been a once in a lifetime experience and will never be forgotten. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for the options to receive the visa required to live and work in Canada.

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