Canadian Visa Expert - London, Ontario

Ontario Settlement Center Plans Affordable Housing for Immigrants

In the mood to celebrate its 55th anniversary, the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC) is working on a new low-cost housing project.

This nonprofit organization began operation in 1968 and has since then been working hard to improve the lives of immigrants. The centre, located in London, Ontario, has, over the past 55 years, welcomed several newcomers to the city.

Canadian Visa Expert highlights that the organization offers diverse basic services to new immigrants. These services include:

  • Employment assistance
  • Medical screening services and 
  • Childcare, amongst others.

Currently, the CCLC is planning to embark on the provision of a new low-cost housing project. This project will help offer essential accommodation for newcomers. With this, new immigrants will settle in Canada easily despite the current difficulties of the housing market.

The Executive Director of CCLC, Valerian Marochko, says the refugees who are resettling in Canada via the federal government’s resettlement assistance program will be staying at the reception centre for five weeks.

The newcomers will be staying longer than the three weeks it used to be because of the challenges that come with getting permanent housing.

Canadian Visa Expert reports that the organization provides the residents with house orientation. There is also a clinic for newcomers at the reception centre. The clinic operates in partnership with London Inter Community Health Centre. They also work hand-in-hand with the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

With this, newcomers receive screening and assessment of their needs by medical practitioners who are versatile in tropical medicine. The director added that the new immigrants are accompanied when there is a need to visit a lab or a specialist. Interpreters for all the newcomers’ medical needs are also available, says Canadian Visa Expert.