More Foreign Students Study in Canada

An increase in international college applications began in 2016 after the United States presidential election. In 2007, 7,380 international students made up the total student population at the University of Toronto. A decade later, that enrollment rose 20% to a total of 17,452 foreign students. This steady incline became a sharp rise after the election of U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to Richard Levin, university registrar and executive director of enrollment services, “Clearly there are things about the international situation – worries about stability, Brexit and the U.S. political environment – that have changed or increased international students’ interest in looking beyond their own countries and beyond the U.S.” He continues, “Students are looking for alternatives and Canada is presenting as a good one in terms of stability, safety, and inclusiveness.” Canadian Visa Expert serves foreign nationals by providing information and support during the application process.

Levin said the university would like to keep diversity from all parts of the world. “One of the best ways to grow understanding is to bring them together,” he said. Students are arriving from China, India, South Korea, France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil, and Turkey. This is according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Canadian Visa Expert is an independently-owned company of professionals who are dedicated to helping foreign nationals obtain a visa to Canada.

According to Pam Ratner, vice-provost over enrollment and academic faculty of the University of British Columbia, “They’re truly extraordinary. Others have come because they’re here on scholarship and they have a strong commitment to return to their home country, to provide leadership whether it’s in government, industry or in civil society in some way.” Attracting skilled immigrants and retaining international students after graduation is a goal of the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. With our team of certified Canadian immigration consultants who work in collaboration with our experienced staff, we put you on the right visa track to achieve your Canadian Dream for Canadian citizenship!