Money-Saving Immigration Service

Canadian Visa Expert understands that many of our clients are in various financial situations. It is our desire to help them find a new life in another country, and we use a very personalized approach to make this happen. We know that a ‘canned’ response won’t work for most of our customers because of the differences in every case.

Also, we will not ask for all of the fees up front. We allow our clients to pay us as we go through the process to make sure that they are moving along through the correct procedures.

Because we insist on a pre-assessment for each client, everyone will have a much better understanding of the type of visa for which he/she is eligible to apply for, and thus save money and time. While you can certainly do this on your own, you may be surprised to find that you have wasted a lot of expenses and time in the process. We want to save you money by providing you with easy steps.


When you work with Canadian Visa Expert, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Regular status updates regarding your visa process
  • Comprehensive, personalized assessment
  • Help with the official application process
  • Work with a team of professionals
  • Work with certified Canadian immigration consultants
  • Preparation for your immigration interview
  • List of possible visa tracking options.

Here at Canadian Visa Expert, we want to make the immigration and visa process as simple as possible. Our services are made to streamline things so you can receive your Canadian citizenship as soon as possible. Contact us today!