Canadian Visa Expert: Miniature

Miniature Canada Is Being Built in Downtown Toronto

The words little and Canada are usually not found in the same sentence

Canada is actually the second-largest country in the world, with close to 10 million square kilometers of land from all three coasts. The nation boasts the world’s longest coastline, reaching over 243,000 kilometers of rock, soil, and sand.

Two men have taken on the challenge of rebuilding Canada in its entirety, in one acre of ground in the heart of Toronto. Dave MacLean and Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer are making Little Canada look like all of Canada from a helicopter high in the sky. You can see the mountain slope in Banff and the seawall in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

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The miniature version of the country will span 45,000 square feet on two floors of an entertainment building in Toronto. You will see real people, like the Mayor of Toronto, as petite plastic statues on the streets, buildings, parks, railway platforms, and all across Canada. You will be able to get in a 3D “littleization” booth and be photographed with over 126 different lenses. The image is carved by a 3D printer into a miniature you. 

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