Canadian Visa Expert: Friendly

Immigrate to Canada Where the People Are Friendly!

Gary Bath, a Canadian ranger who helps members of the military learn how to survive the Arctic, was at his home and saw an online post about a stranded American family in his area. After talking with his wife, he decided to step in and help. The Marchessault family made their way from Georgia to Saskatchewan and was given five days to make it through the country to the far border into Alaska. Due to the snow and road conditions, Lynn Marchessault, her two children, and the family pets couldn’t go any further. Canada is a land of good Samaritans who love helping others. 

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Canadian Visa Expert: British Columbia

When the residents around Wonowon, British Columbia, heard about the family, they posted a plea on Facebook for someone to help. Marchessault’s husband was stationed in the U.S. Army in Fairbanks and was unable to enter Canada due to the pandemic. He knew the family had to get to the border before the five days were up, so he accepted Bath’s offer to drive his family. Bath and Marchessault had an uneventful trip during the 1,056-mile drive. They clicked and became good friends. Both have military experiences, so they had plenty to talk about on the long drive. 

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