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Immigrants from 20 Countries Become Canadian Citizens in Ottawa

In the last ten years, Canada has embraced close to 1.7 million new citizens. The latest ceremony took place at the Canadian Tire Centre where the participants hailed from 20 countries.

New Immigrants Turned Canadian Citizens in the Last Decade

Among the newcomers were Zhanna and Dimitry Ushkanov and their daughter, who relocated to the country five years ago from Siberia. They wanted new opportunities for their daughter, Elizabeth. She is a Canterbury High School student with a goal to become an animator.

Coming from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paul Hopkins, Claire McCartney, and their children Mikey, Martin, Jude, and Kelly, fell in love with the country. The entire family took the oath and became citizens on Saturday. “When you have that attachment, you want to make a commitment,” McCartney said. She flies a flag every Canada Day, but she said this would be the first time she can truly fly a flag.

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