Immigrant from Nicaragua Happy to Become a Canadian

Duane Omeir immigrated to Canada, becoming a Canadian citizen in September 2017. “It’s the sense of security here, which is a big part,” said Omeir. He went on to tell that in his former country, windows were barred, and at banks, there were no walls separating you and the bank teller. “It is just a different place,” he said. He does not like to hear people complain about traffic because, in comparison to where he used to live, it is nothing. These are just a few reasons Omeir is happy to be a legal citizen of Canada. If you would like to learn about becoming a Canadian citizen, contact Canadian Visa Expert today.

Seventeen years ago, Duane came to Ottawa for a business trip. He was shocked by the feeling of freedom. One evening he went for a walk around midnight and felt safe, something he was not used to. He started the process to move to Canada. In the City Room of the National Arts Centre, Omeir, his wife, and daughter took part in a citizenship ceremony. They joined 47 other immigrants hailing from 25 countries. Not only was it a special day for the immigrants, but Canada was also celebrating the 150th anniversary of their country. Canadian Visa Expert and its team of professionals will help you apply for the visa you need to immigrate to Canada.

After the oaths were accepted, Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister, talked about his experience of relocating from Somalia to Canada 15 years ago. He attested to leaving behind friends and family for this new life. “Many of you have made great sacrifices and endured great journeys to be here today,” commented Hussen. Omeir knows his children will have a better life living in Ottawa due to the “intangible things.” Canadian Visa Expert stands ready to assist you in your move to Canada.