Full-Time Canadian Employment Rose by 33,900 in October 2018

Full-time hiring had a surge in October 2018 and the unemployment rate plunged to a 40-year low in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, 11,200 jobs were created, and for the first time since July, the unemployment rate dipped to 5.8 percent. The strength of jobs in Canada was a huge surprise as economists were only predicting an increase of 10,000 jobs and for the jobless rate to remain at 5.9 percent. If you are considering relocating to Canada for work, contact Canadian Visa Expert. Their Five Phase Process makes applying for the Canadian worker visa a simple process.

The good report about new jobs in Canada could ease concerns that the economy is headed into a slowdown. Even Alberta, the oil-producing hub, added 23,700 new positions for the month and lowered its unemployment rate. The rising population and increasing participation rates fueled an increase in the labor supply. The workforce increased by 77,200, which was the largest one-month gain since 2012.

Part-time employment in Canada recorded a 4,100 gain. The professional, technical, and scientific sectors saw the largest increase, with 26,000 Canadian jobs added. Health care and social assistance saw an increase of 15,000 in October. Job opportunities are not the only reason to consider immigration to Canada. The great healthcare system is ranked one of the best in the world. Another plus regarding immigration to Canada is the country’s commitment to families by allowing residents and citizens to sponsor relatives to come to Canada with them.

Employment rose in Saskatchewan by 2,500 and remained steady in the other provinces.  Throughout Canada, there were more jobs created for men in the working age of 25 to 54 and women over age 55. British Columbia had the lowest unemployment rate at 4.1 percent.

Canada welcomes 300,000 new immigrants every year. They have the ability to find jobs and Canada boasts of an immigrant program which helps newcomers assimilate into their new environment. The lifestyle is affordable and welcomed by those coming from developing countries. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of professionals ready to assist you and your family as you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. Contact them today.