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Foreign Tech Workers Moving to Windsor, Ontario

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that the Windsor tech sector is booming. The city is among the fastest-growing tech cities in Canada, besides Mississauga, Montreal, and Waterloo. Windsor comes next as the booming city where tech workers are migrating from other countries.

The Ontario city has witnessed a high growth from the migration of tech workers from other countries. According to a study of Canada’s tech workforce, the Windsor region has enjoyed the largest percentage growth in the nation over the last year.

The tech space in Windsor saw an increase of 28 percent in the number of people categorized as workers in the tech sector, with 557 tech workers migrating to the city.

The University of Windsor and St. Clair College also contribute to the growth of Windsor’s tech space. The schools graduate nearly 5,000 tech-related workers annually, with fewer female representatives. The gender gap is much and needs to be narrowed to enforce gender balance in the industry.

Why are tech workers moving to Windsor?

According to Canadian Visa Expert, Windsor has become home to tech industries because of the extensive local manufacturing base and easy access to the U.S. market.

A tech industry bright mind, Vipul Patel moved from India to Windsor eight months ago to headquarter his telecommunication firm.

"I chose Windsor as the ideal location for my telecommunication firm because of the easy access to the U.S. market coupled with the support of the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator to move into the region. Windsor is a great city with an extensive local manufacturing base."