Canadian Visa Expert: Comic

Digital Comic Creation Tool Lets Student Tell Canadian Immigration Stories

A student named Adya, age nine, is one of the Jackman Avenue Junior Public School third graders who participated in a project about immigration to Canada

She interviewed her aunt, who is actually a close family friend, about how Canadian immigration came together for her. Adya did not consider the project “work,” but thought it was fun. She enjoyed interviewing people, making Pixton comics, and writing the information. She also felt it to be a learning experience. She found out her friend and she had many things in common. They both love Canada because of the polite, kind people who want to help you. They are both immigrants. Her aunt was born in Normandy, France, and immigrated to Canada.

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The third-grade teacher said, “One thing that really surprised me is sort of the different angles that students took.” One student did the story from the eyes of his Yugoslavian grandfather relocating to Canada and becoming a Canadian citizen. It was different than other students’ creations, but an exciting comic. The teacher also made a comic as an example for his students. He told the story of his mother becoming a Toronto Public Health nurse after relocating from Macau to Hong Kong and eventually immigrating to Canada. He showed his students that you never know where your neighbor came from, or the story they can tell and that anything is possible when immigrating to Canada. Anything is possible for you and your family as well.

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