Canadian Employers Try to Keep Workers Happy

Canadian employers are realizing they need to step up their game if they want to avoid turnovers in their company, which can be a costly venture. Nielsen conducted research for Ceridian and found close to 75 percent of the respondents would consider leaving their company if the right opportunity arose or are currently searching for a new job. Canadian Visa Expert will walk you through the steps needed to apply for the correct visa to live and work in Canada.

Among those surveyed, 1,000 Americans and 1,001 Canadians, 36 percent say they would consider a new position, and 37 percent said they were casually or actively searching for a new place of employment. These results mean employers must act fast to ensure junior employees have high job satisfaction and work with them on career development. Both of these things naturally build loyalty to the company, according to Lisa Sterling, head of Ceridian HR.

The unemployment rate hit the lowest point in Canadian history this past year. The tight labor market for skilled workers means companies cannot assume their employers will stay, even for a few years. Most surveyed employees said they knew within one year of working at a job if they would remain with the company long term. There are many great opportunities in Canada. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of professionals dedicated to helping everyone obtain a visa to live and work in Canada. They will walk you through your options and answer any questions.

Although the main reason for leaving a position was for better pay, other reasons came in close behind. Not finding work interesting, not being respected, or the lack of opportunity to advance were other reasons for employees not remaining at a company. Sterling was not surprised by these reasons. “I think it’s absolutely imperative for organizations to have a significant structure around a growth philosophy.” She said it is very important for employees to “feel like they have growth and movement.” Unlike in the past, employers cannot only provide promotions and opportunities to senior staff. It is very different than it was in the workforce 10 years ago. Millennials will not wait years for work in which they are fulfilled. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with the immigration process.