Canadian Visa Expert: Relocation to Canada

Canada Is the World’s Top Preference for Relocation

A world map reveals where each region’s population dreams of beginning a new life

The map uses Google search data to add country names to each spot people would consider moving to. Thirty countries’ residents chose Canada as their top choice for relocation. Britain, Mexico, and France were three of the countries that would like to begin a new life in Canada. Japan came in second with only 13 countries who would choose the country. Spain had 12, and Germany had eight. The map was drawn by a financial services provider that looked at search data for 100 countries. 

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Canada, which passed every other country, is known for its friendly locals and beautiful scenery. There are well-paid job prospects for immigrants relocating to Canada, making it a favorite relocation destination. Canada also is featured high in the Global Peace Index which recognizes the country as one of the safest places to live.

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The country has low unemployment rates and a large amount of immigration options. Canada welcomes newcomers and celebrates diversity. Immigration is a way of receiving the best options for the life of families and young people. Canada is one of the most desirable immigration locations across the globe.

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