Canada Does a Good Job of Integrating Immigrant Children

Within three years of arriving in Canada, children of new immigrants are as well adapted as native-born children. Canadian public schools make sure the students don’t just get the language and support academically; they celebrate the home cultures of the immigrants as well. Strong education funding and important social services are also essential. When considering relocating to another country, your children’s well-being should, of course, be a top concern for you. Canada is a place where you and your children can thrive. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on the visa process. Working with an experienced team of experts will make the process easy for you.

Andre Cordeiro immigrated from Portugal to Canada at 13 years of age. The only words in English he knew were bye, hi, and hot dog. He is now thriving and credits the small class he attends daily with others learning the English language. He commented that he feels equal and is allowed to make mistakes. His teacher teaches with props, speaks slowly and works at making each lesson meaningful for the student. Islington Junior Middle School has three-fourths of the students speaking another language other than English. It is a real mirror of the diversity found in Toronto, where almost 50 percent of the population is from a different country. Immigration is celebrated in Canada, making it the ideal country to consider first when relocating. Canadian Visa Expert has a five-phase process to help simplify the Canadian worker visa process. Their team of experts can help you through the entire process to make residing and working in Canada a reality for you and your family.