Most Canadians Say Immigration Good for Economy and Country

Most Canadian residents continue to support the immigrants arriving in their country and believe the benefits they bring to the economy is a good thing

A poll provided to The Globe and Mail asked Canadians to report on what they considered to be the most critical issue facing the country. Only two percent said immigration was the most significant problem, compared with 24 percent saying the environment and 22 percent saying the economy.

Even with a political party opposing multiculturalism and an increase in animosity toward immigration around the world, Canadians’ opinions about migrants are not changing, according to Keith Neuman of Environics Institute.

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Neuman said the trend in data shows that general public sentiments about newcomers and refugees have remained remarkably stable, even improving over the past few years. The upswing is happening while events in Canada and North America that generally cause people to think the sentiments are declining.

The survey showed that 63 percent of respondents did not agree with the notion that immigration is too high in Canada, compared with 34 percent who think there are too many migrants and four percent who had no opinion either way.

Close to 80 percent of NDP supporters say they disagree there are too many immigrants in Canada, while for conservatives it was at 45 percent. Neuman said those who are not comfortable with immigration, and not particularly favorable toward climate change issues, lean towards the Conservative Party. The conservative respondents were the least supportive when asked if immigration is good for the Canadian economy.

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Disagree That There Are Too Many Immigrants

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