Canadian Visa Expert: Fogo Island

Fogo Island – Canada’s Hidden Irish Treasure!

The predominantly Irish settlement on Fogo Island is a treasure not many have found. The Irish came to the area in the early-to-mid-1700s to take advantage of the fishing and decided to stay. The isolation of the far distant village has kept the resident’s accents pure and preserved. When visiting their homeland, they often are asked what part of Ireland they are from, and they have to explain. The village of Tilting looks out over the ocean toward Ireland, but you will see many traces of Ireland once you turn inward. The welcome sign on the road is even in Irish stating “Failte go Tilting” or Welcome to Tilting.

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Not only is the landscape beautiful in Tilting, but there are also many sights in the village to take in while visiting. The luxury hotel Fogo Island Inn opened in 2013 and put the Island on the map. A native islander returned home and started the Shorefast Foundation, through which the profits from the hotel are reinvested into local programs that benefit the community.

Fogo Island Arts provides artist residencies in four art studios around the island. Over the past thirty years, various draws have taken different forms: hiking trails, art residency, a community radio project, and the annual Irish cultural festival. There are many opportunities available for you in Newfoundland.

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