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Diversity Highlighted in Canadian Museum

As the world is talking about inequality, race, and injustice, the Canadian government is doing something about it

Premier John Horgan of British Columbia announced the government has set aside $10 million to invest into a new Chinese Canadian Museum. The premier said they have been working with the community and realize how important this museum is for everyone in British Columbia. The museum is going to be built to honor the contributions of Chinese Canadians to the province’s history.

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To Invest in a New Chinese-Canadian Museum

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This Chinese Canadian Museum  will be the first of its kind in the province’s history, with a provincial center in Vancouver’s Chinatown and many regional branches throughout B.C. Along with the different centers, the museum will also include an online portal and have digital experiences centered around the locations across B.C.

Tourism Minister for the province, Lisa Beare, said, “People told us they want a museum to showcase the diversity of Chinese Canadian history and culture, past and present. This museum will help foster a more inclusive society.” Canadians are well aware of the need for immigration in their country. The nation has become one of the leading places immigrants choose to begin a new life.

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