Thousands of People from Hong Kong Are Moving to Canada

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Vancouver and other Canadian cities are receiving a second generation of Hong Kongers leaving their homeland for refuge from political uncertainty. The difference from when their parents came in the 1980s and 90s is this group is making the move permanent. The Canadian cities are magnets for people wanting out of China and its tightening […]

Increased Canadian Wealth to Boost Economy in 2021


As the global pandemic caused havoc on Canada’s economy, the government quickly implemented household and business income and credit support programs. According to a chief economist at the National Bank of Canada in Montreal, these swift actions caused the average disposable income of Canadians to increase by 12 percent during the pandemic. These steps were […]

Hockey Fans Cheer Immigrants at Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

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A citizenship ceremony at the Canadian Tire Centre welcomed 74 members to the Canadian family Members of 20 families took the oath of citizenship, the last legal requirement before becoming a Canadian citizen with the rights and responsibilities it entails. The Senators CEO said being host to the ceremony combined two Canadian traditions, hockey and […]

Most Canadians Say Immigration Good for Economy and Country

Most Canadian residents continue to support the immigrants arriving in their country and believe the benefits they bring to the economy is a good thing A poll provided to The Globe and Mail asked Canadians to report on what they considered to be the most critical issue facing the country. Only two percent said immigration […]

Restaurant Owner Is Canadian Immigration Success Story

Being a restaurant owner in a new country is no easy task. Thy Nguyen added to her hard work, studying to become a Canadian citizen, a dream since moving to Corner Brook. Along with the help of her friend, Joyce Hynes, she studied at her restaurant in the evenings. The customers at Pho Vietnam cheered […]