Top Businesses in Canada with Soaring Revenues

Businesses in Canada

Canadian Visa Expert highlights the top 10 businesses in Canada with soaring revenues. These include: 1. Subterra Renewables Inc. – Toronto, Ontario Subterra Renewables designs, engineers, and installs geothermal exchange systems. Its revenue grew 42,676% over the past year. 2. Salt XC – Toronto, Ontario The company is into marketing services and commerce. It recorded […]

Recent Data Shows Over One Million Canadian Job Openings

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Before March 2022, Canada had been experiencing a reduction in the number of job vacancies. The narrative changed in March when there was an all-time high in vacant positions. There are many opportunities available for you and your family living in Canada. There are many opportunities available for you and your family living in Canada. Contact […]

How Many Canadians Volunteered in 2018?

How Many Canadians Volunteered in 2018?

Volunteering is good for others, but also for ourselves, for our soul. The Canadian people know this and they often engage in volunteering activities. In 2018, about 24 million people formally volunteered (i.e. in organizations, associations, etc.). Isn’t that an amazing statistic? Read more about volunteering in Canada in the following heartwarming infographic from Statistics […]

Watch: What is Canadian Visa Expert?

Canadian Visa Expert

Canadian Visa Expert has many satisfied customers who have managed to emigrate to Canada. However, when people first hear about our society they do not exactly understand what we are doing- how do we help so many people immigrate to Canada? In this video you will find, in a nutshell, all the answers. Watch the […]

Ranking of Canadian Universities with the Best Reputation


A recent survey asked senior administrators and faculty of universities along with several businesspeople across Canada for their outlook on the innovation and quality of Canadian universities. All types of universities were evaluated, including Comprehensive, Medical Doctoral, and Primarily Undergraduate. The online questionnaire asked respondents to rate the universities in three categories: most innovative, leaders […]

Religion in Canada – Surprising Statistics and Facts

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What would we do without religious belief? Religion helps us to feel connected to our tradition and our ancestors. It gives us meaning in difficult moments in life. Unfortunately, the power of religion has caused and still causes arguments and frictions that create bloody wars. In the Western world, however, religious freedom is a common […]

Canada Likely to Reach Goal of 401,000 New Permanent Residents

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According to Marco Mendicino, the Canadian immigration minister, Canada is close to meeting the goal of allowing 401,000 new permanent residents this year after having a record number in June and July 2021. June had 35,700 new permanent residents and July reached 39,500 newcomers to the country. These were both monthly records and brings the […]

Watch: Why Immigrate to New Brunswick?

Beautiful views, friendly population, high quality of life and lots of employment options – what more could you ask for? Life in New Brunswick is an amazing experience, which is why so many immigrants choose to move there. Watch the following video for more details: If you, too, are dreaming of migrating New Brunswick […]

How did Canadians spend their time online in 2020?

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Ahh, the year 2020. it will be remembered forever as a year of uncertainty, epidemic, and most importantly –  the years pf lots of hours on the internet. Canadians also spent many more hours online in 2020. From quarantine to Isolation, here are the  Canadain Internet Use Data for 2020, brought to you by the […]

Proud statistics on the LGBT community in Canada


Canada is a tolerant country for everyone: immigrants, women and the LGBT community. In fact, there are about a million people living in Canada who define themselves as part of the LGBT community! So who are the members of the Canadian LGBT community? Most of them are young and  living in the big cities. Some […]